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5 Ways Dental Implants Justify the Investment

5 ways dental implants justify the investment

Dental implants are the most significant technological advancement of the 20th century, providing a tooth replacement that appears and functions just like the tooth it replaced.

They have the highest initial cost among tooth replacement options, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

At Elite Smiles dental clinic, we can think of at least five reasons dental implants are worth every penny of your investment. Let’s take a look.

#1. Dental implants look natural

At Elite Smiles dental clinic, we occasionally have patients who believe dental implants seem unnatural and fake.

Sometimes, this is because they know the implant has three parts, including a threaded titanium root. In reality, the root is never seen, and only the crown is visible.

And because the crown is made of medical-grade ceramic, it can be built to match the exact shade of your natural teeth.

Furthermore, the implant is extremely durable and has the same pearly lustre as natural teeth.

Once a dental implant is in place, even your closest friend won’t be able to see any difference between it and your natural teeth.

#2. Implants protect the jawbone against deterioration

When teeth are absent, the jawbone deteriorates. It needs constant stimulation to remain healthy and maintain bone mass.

Restorations such as bridges or dentures do not stimulate the bone, and while they improve the look and function of the mouth, they also allow the bone to shrink.

Implants are the opposite, working like natural teeth due to their titanium roots. The titanium fuses with the bone (osseointegration), causing stimulation and bone growth.

A complete set of teeth also balances your mouth, evening the chewing forces across teeth and bone. This preserves and strengthens the jaw and the surrounding tissues.

#3. Dental implants are real bargains

This is not obvious, but it turns out to be true over time. When patients with missing teeth consider dental implants, they often wonder about the high cost.

At the time of treatment, implants are relatively costly. But when implants typically last a lifetime, the overall price becomes more economically sensible.

Dental implants reduce future dental costs and require far less expense on daily upkeep – no threaders, no special cleaning requirements, no containers, no threat of breaking, etc.

#4. Restoring function

One of the most significant advantages of implants is that they fully restore daily activity.

Implants remove the fear of dental appliances falling out and the embarrassment of missing teeth.

Many patients with partial or full dentures do not like them for various reasons.

They don’t feel like natural teeth, require more complicated care, and deteriorate jawbone and gums.

The implant is the only solution that replaces a tooth.

In addition to eating, dental implants are also better for speaking. Partials and dentures can loosen and alter how patients talk.

Missing teeth can lead to whistling while speaking and other oddities. Because implants are permanently attached, speech is not negatively impacted. Thus, dental implants can improve overall self-confidence.

#5. Improved overall health

Implants restore confidence and offer other less apparent benefits, including improved nutrition.

Patients with dentures can struggle to eat enough vegetables, and nuts and seeds can be problematic.

Meat can be difficult for those without molars. With proper nutrition comes better overall health, not just oral health.

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