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Dentist Rowville

Our dental clinic is located 7.4 km and 10 mins drive from the centre of Rowville.

At Elite Smiles dental clinic, we make sure that our patients receive safe, effective, and convenient services.

He listens to your concerns and answers your questions about your dental problems. He provides a wide range of solutions for you to choose from.

We are committed to changing your perception of dentistry. While many people think that visiting the dentist is scary, we assure you of a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

Our Dental Services

General Dentistry Rowville

The primary provider of dental care service to people of all ages is a general dentist. The general dentist helps you with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the conditions affecting your teeth, gums, and other parts of your mouth. They evaluate and discuss your overall health. If your exam shows the presence of tooth decay, you might receive a filling in the affected tooth.

To achieve your ideal oral wellbeing, visit your dentist at least twice a year. Kids ought to be shown proper oral cleanliness practices at an early age. These practices help ensure that their teeth are spotless, healthy, and white now and into the future.

Our general dentistry services include the following:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the most popular way of improving your physical appearance. It focuses on improving and enhancing the appearance of your teeth.

Our dental team provides high-quality cosmetic dental service while maintaining excellent value for your money.

We are ready to assist you every step of the way to achieving your desired outcome.

We are focused on paying attention and fully comprehending your needs before discussing an extensive range of options.

Our cosmetic dentistry services include the following:

Orthodontic Dentistry Rowville

Orthodontic dentistry corrects teeth and jaw alignment problems using fixtures like dental braces.

Our Top 5 Treatments

Teeth Whitening

Do you have yellow or stained teeth? Do they attract people’s negative attention when they talk to you? Do you have a hard time finding a job, a friend, or even a romantic partner? Then, teeth whitening is for you!

Whitening your teeth can improve the appearance of your smile, boost your confidence and help maintain a positive mood. Our dental clinic offers the latest technology in Teeth Whitening systems – the Philips ZOOM Advanced system.

ZOOM whitening is a comprehensive, safe and effective teeth whitening procedure, perfect for anyone looking for instant results. To learn more about our teeth whitening system, visit our dental clinic today!

Dental Implants Rowville

When a natural tooth is missing, it’s embarrassing to show your gapped smile in front of people. It’s also hard for you to chew on food. The teeth on either side of the gap may shift and move into the space, causing you to develop a ‘bad bite’. This makes it more challenging to maintain proper oral hygiene, which may lead to tooth decay or gum disease around these teeth.

Losing a tooth may be from a strong blow on the face, an unsuccessful root canal therapy, a gum disease, weak tooth structure, or incorrect positioning. But no matter how a tooth is lost, dental implants are often the best options to replace your missing tooth. You don’t want to keep that gap, do you?

Below are the benefits of dental implants to help you decide.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth
  • Does not compromise adjacent teeth
  • Preserves bone hygienically
  • Prevents bone collapse
  • Long term and stable

Dental implants can fill the gap and keep the rest of your natural teeth in their ideal position. We use high-quality, titanium dental implants to replace your missing tooth root. This will help you restore your smile and the function of your teeth. To learn more about our dental implants treatment, visit our dental clinic today


Do you have misaligned teeth but you don’t want to wear traditional braces? Invisalign might be a great option for you!

By thoroughly evaluating your case, we will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign. With Invisalign, your teeth can be straightened discreetly and comfortably while keeping your smile bright and natural looking. Because Invisalign doesn’t require the use of metal wires, it doesn’t even look like it’s there! It is a great alternative to traditional braces.

Ceramic Veneers Rowville

Do you have stained, chipped, or gapped teeth? Do you want to improve your teeth’s appearance? Ceramic veneers are for you!

Are you ready to transform your smile with ceramic veneers? Here at our dental clinic, we create premium quality ceramic veneers for your amazing smile makeover. If you desire to upgrade your smile with ceramic veneers, book an appointment with us today.

Dental Crowns

Have your teeth been chipped in a way that exposes their sensitive parts? If so, you might consider getting dental crowns.

Dental crowns are used to repair teeth that have broken or decayed and improve how they look. They protect the exposed sensitive parts of the broken teeth and repair defective fillings. If you have decayed teeth and want to protect them with dental crowns, visit us today!

Dental Emergency Rowville

Our dental clinic provides fast and effective emergency dental care for any patient in pain.

With us, you can expect a down-to-earth and experienced dental team, convenient appointments, reasonably priced exam fees and treatment costs, and same-day treatment whenever possible.

Our dental emergency services include the following:

  • Children’s dental emergencies
  • Toothaches and dental pain
  • Cavities/fillings
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Root canals
  • Dental abscess
  • Surgical extractions

If you are in severe pain or have a dental emergency, immediately call us at (03) 9800 2338. We are located at 87 Stud Road in Wantirna South. We will attend to you with utmost urgency and care.

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