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Comprehensive Oral Examination

Oral Examination I Dentist Wantirna South

A comprehensive oral exam is an extensive evaluation and recording of all extra oral, intra oral, soft and hard tissues.

The mouth is really a window into the body. Medical conditions may be discovered by a comprehensive dental exam before symptoms show up elsewhere in the body.

By doing a comprehensive exam, we can together devise a strategy for long-term oral and general health.

What is involved?

Firstly, we will collect medical and dental history. It is important to note any current medications being taken.

Any medical conditions being treated, previous surgeries and allergies are also important to note.

It is important to keep a record of any previous experience, adverse reactions, or family member reactions to anesthesia. Also, notify us of any smoking and/or alcohol habits.

A periodontal and gingival assessment will be completed.

In this exam mobility of teeth are checked and bone loss is measured, which will then indicate any signs of gum disease.

Calculus build-up, bleeding, swelling and recession will be recorded.

Your bite will be assessed, which may include charting of teeth that are crooked, crowded or spaced too far apart, an overbite, open bite or crossbite.

We will chart, in a detailed tooth chart, conditions of the teeth by checking each tooth individually.

Also, any work done, decay, leakage, treatments needing to be done, positions of teeth, impactions, wear of teeth, and a cavity check will be noted. Intraoral photos will be taken which will allow you to see your mouth tooth by tooth to record visually any cavities, microcracks, defects in tooth structure, faulty fillings and crowns, as well as tissue health.

A full mouth x-ray or individual periapical bitewing x-rays are recommended to see what is in between teeth which the naked eye can’t see intraorally.

Comprehensive Oral Examination in Wantirna South

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Comprehensive Oral Examination in Wantirna South

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