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Dentures Wantirna South

Also called false teeth, full dentures are prosthetic devices that made to replace all teeth when they are missing. In addition, they support the surrounding hard and soft oral tissues.

Conventionally, full dentures are of the removable type.

However, with recent advances, they can be supported or fixed into the jaws through placement of Dental Implants

There are many reasons why one looses all their teeth and becomes edentulous.

As A General Rule, Dentures…

  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Greatly improve pronunciation, enabling one to speak more effectively.
  • Improve aesthetics due to support of facial tissues. Wearing full dentures to replace teeth that are missing provides cheeks and lips support and correct the appearance of a collapsed face that occurs after teeth are lost.
  • Improve your ability to be able to chew your food better.
  • Keep your face from looking ‘collapsed’ as these provide the necessary support for gums and cheeks.
  • Prevent you from having to eat only soft food, since you will be able to retain fully functional teeth due to getting the dentures. As a result you will be able to enjoy a full diet that consists of all the food groups including meat, chicken and fish.
  • Prevent you from ever having to deal with dental caries again. You will also not have to deal with tooth decay issues, gum disease, receding gums or bacterial infections in-between teeth.

The Process of Getting New Dentures

Generally, getting dentures takes 2 to 4 dental appointments.

You will see your dentist first for an initial consultation. The dentist will make recommendations about your suitability and the type of denture required for your case.

During the first appointment, the dentist will get accurate impressions of your teeth. The impressions will be sent to the dental lab.

The laboratory will create a custom tray, which will be used to make a more precise mould of your teeth in wax. This will be used to create your final dentures.

Once the dentures are made, it will be fitted. Your dentist will assess the comfort and fit. Tips and instructions will also be provided on how to take care of your new dentures properly.

Dentures in Wantirna South

With modern dentistry, your doctors at Elite Smiles Wantirna Dental Clinic can restore your perfect smile using high-quality dentures and other tooth replacement solutions.

Don’t let tooth loss depreciates the quality of your life. We have the solution you need for your smile concerns.

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Dentures or false teeth are removable prosthetic devices designed to replace teeth when they’ve fallen out.

Dentists typically prescribe full or partial dentures Wantirna, depending on the condition of the patient’s remaining teeth and mouth structure.

Dentures don’t only provide new teeth for chewing.

They also work to support the surrounding oral tissues, both soft and hard, which allow for better speech, facial structure, and ultimately the ability to chew food once again.

Conventional dentures Wantirna are removable. They are typically made up of teeth and gum-like materials that are designed to be worn over the gums.

Today, however, more structurally sound options exist with the use of dental implants, which help create stronger fortifications for the placement of full or partial dentures.

The use of dentures or false teeth is something that you should consider when suffering from missing or failing teeth.

These prosthetic devices help improve the user’s self-esteem by restoring their smile.

Full dentures also help improve the way words are pronounced, helping the patient speak more effectively than they did without one.

Consulting with your Wantirna South dentist about the possibility of having false teeth made can also be beneficial to those who are only partially missing teeth but are missing a significant portion of their teeth.

Partial dentures help support the facial tissues, including the lips and the cheeks, helping correct the appearance of a collapsed face, which is common for people who have lost much of their teeth.

Enabling patients to chew their food more efficiently is one of the main benefits of wearing dentures.

As these false teeth work to replace lost ones, they improve the wearer’s ability to partake on a complete diet consisting of all the food groups, instead of sticking to a soft diet.

This helps better provide good nutrition to the body. Choosing to wear dentures and having your remaining, damaged teeth pulled out also prevents you from ever getting dental caries and developing teeth-related problems again.

If you are considering false teeth as a solution to your missing or falling out teeth, consult with your Wantirna South dentist to know about your best denture options.

Dentures in Wantirna South
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