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Removable Appliances

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There are different kinds of removable appliances used in Orthodontics. They serve many purposes. Removable appliances are normally used in children and young adults custom made for each type of bite. It is commonly used to align a few front teeth, to expand the arch or to push a tooth back into its proper position.

The success of removable appliances is dependent on the patient’s cooperation and compliance. The effectiveness is high when instructions are followed. However, where patient compliance is an issue, particularly when the appliance is removed too often or for too long, treatment can be less effective and take much longer to see results.

Removable Orthodontic Appliances

The following types of removable orthodontic appliances are designed to help preserve your orthodontic work. They can also completely prevent the need for dental braces altogether.

Orthodontic retainers – these are a standard post-treatment option after removing orthodontic braces. Most retainers are removable for cleaning and eating. However, the appliance should be worn as often as possible to maintain the structure of your smile.

Removable space maintainer – space maintainers are used if a primary tooth is lost before the permanent tooth erupts, and if the permanent tooth is missing. Removable space maintainers are made of stainless steel and/or plastic and look like retainers.

Care for Removable Dental Appliance

Your removable dental appliance needs daily home care and professional maintenance just like your natural teeth. They can be susceptible to calculus build-up, staining and breakage. But with proper care, you can prolong the life of your dental appliance. Ask your Wantirna South dentist about the best home care for your retainers or space maintainers.

Removable Appliances in Wantirna South

Elite Smiles can discuss whether removable appliances are suitable for your situation after an orthodontic evaluation.

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Removable Appliances in Wantirna South

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