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Broken Dentures

Broken Dentures Dentist Wantirna South

One of the most serious dental emergencies for patients, especially older ones, is broken dentures.

If you have broken dentures, chewing and talking can be a difficult task.

It is most common in the dentures for the upper jaw but occurs with lower jaw dentures as well.

Your Wantirna South dentist provides several options in dealing with your broken dentures.

If you want to learn more about broken dentures, read on.

Causes of Broken Dentures

There are several reasons for broken dentures. One of the most common reasons is natural wear and tear. Dentures, if worn for a long time, wear out naturally.

Like other prosthetic devices, they get to break down after long cycles of chewing and daily wear.

Following natural wear and tear is shrinkage of the jawbone and the gums, making the dentures fit loosely.

When the dentures don’t fit properly on the jaw, they may move around a lot, and chances increase that they may break during a single wrong bite.

Dentures must be removed at night to help your gums and bones relax and keep your tongue from getting bitten while asleep.

By merely taking your dentures out of your mouth, there is a risk that you may accidentally drop or misplace your denture, which may result in breakage.

What To Do If Your Dentures Break

If your denture breaks, call your Wantirna South dentist immediately to request an emergency appointment.

There are available denture repair kits in the market, but we don’t recommend using them.

Fixing your dentures at home may cause more serious problems in the future.

Proper repair of a denture requires expert knowledge and skill as well as materials.

What Your Wantirna South Dentist Can Do?

Although dentures are an effective missing-tooth replacement option, the permanence and natural look of dental implants make them a great choice.

Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic offers high-quality and durable dental implants as replacements for missing teeth.

If properly cared for, dental implants can last years, and sometimes even for life!

This means costs can be lower in the long term since dentures, in comparison, will need replacements frequently.

Broken Dentures in Wantirna South

When your dentures break, all you think about is how and when can you get them fixed.

We are determined to help you feel good even when wearing restorations.

Broken Dentures in Wantirna South

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