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Who Performs a Dental Implant Procedure and How Much Do They Cost?

who-performs-a-dental-implant-procedure-and-how-much-do-they-cost Bright, attractive teeth are necessary for both health and beauty.

Given this, dental implants have become among the most popular (and cutting-edge) treatments offered at Elite Smiles dental clinic.

In addition to the improvements they offer aesthetically, they also have remarkably long lifespans.

However, implants are not cheap, and they do require a commitment of time. From your first consultation to the first day you smile with your new teeth, the implantation process can take from a few months to a year, partly depending on your oral health.

It makes sense to try to find the best balance of economy and skill when getting dental implants.

Elite Smiles is here to help!

Who should I see?

We suggest that you talk to at least three dental offices so that you have an idea of the lay of the land for implants. And with each dentist, you should have some questions prepared. Here are some things to ask about:

Training: You explore the training your general dentist or specialist has taken. It is always best to select a dentist who stays up-to-date through training and education.

Experience: How many years a dentist has performed implant surgery can give you some sense of how experienced and skilled they are.

Extensive experience can mean that the dentist has seen all the permutations and complications that can attend implants and should know how to avoid or resolve them.

Price: If you have dental insurance that covers implants, you may choose a dentist who participates in your insurance plan to keep costs down.

Prices vary from dentist to dentist, and comparison shopping can help you sort that out. Going for the lowest price, however, can be dangerous, as low-priced implants can be from dentists who are more interested in volume than quality.

Comfort: You will be spending a lot of time getting implants. Be sure that your dental office and surgery give you the confidence that you will be as safe and comfortable as possible.

Who manufactures the materials: Don’t underestimate the importance of the laboratory that builds your teeth. Ask your dentist about this.

Ask around: Word of mouth is often a good start, as trusted friends and family members may have had experiences relevant to you. The Internet is another excellent place to do your research.

At Elite Smiles dental clinic, we are confident that your search will lead you back to us!

What about the cost?

Implants are an intensive and long-term procedure involving highly trained experts and specialised materials. So, you want to balance what you will pay with the results you expect. Let’s take a look at a few issues:

Your oral health: This is a big one, implants are not recommended for patients with gum disease or bone loss, so these conditions need to be treated before the implantation process.

Geography: Where you live makes a difference. The cost of office rent, materials, etc., have an impact on price.

Materials: What you need (e.g. titanium vs. zirconium) also has an impact, and this is something you need to discuss with your dentist.

How many implants you are receiving: Obviously, this has a role, and if implants turn out to be too expensive, dental clinic may suggest an alternative treatment such as a bridge or dentures.

Finally, dental expertise influences cost. We pay, to some extent, for quality, and for implants, practice can bring higher quality.

As noted, numbers are guesswork, but you can expect to pay somewhere between $1,000 to $3,000 for one implant.

Then you must add the price of the abutment and crown (and bone-grafting if needed). This means it is vital that you select a dentist who includes ALL costs in the initial estimate.

On average, an Australian can expect to pay from $5,000 to $7,000 per implant and a crown.

If you think you need/want implants, give us a call!

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