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Top 5 Reasons to Use Custom Mouthguards for Active Play

Sports mouthguards are required for players to protect their jaw and avoid concussions.

Without a sports mouthguard, athletes are more likely to suffer tooth damage.

These are five reasons for wearing a sports mouthguard when you play.

#1. Prevent concussions

Traumatic brain injuries like concussions and others change how your brain works. There may be headaches and issues with concentration, memory, balance, and coordination.

Though sometimes temporary, the consequences are still there. You are more susceptible to suffering a concussion if you play sports.

By providing a softer surface that prevents your teeth and jaw from “clinking” together too roughly when they come into contact, mouthguards can help lower your risk of injury while participating in active sports.

#2. Protect against tooth fractures

Preventing tooth damage is one of the most important benefits of using custom mouthguards because repairing a fractured tooth is not always possible.

#3. Protects against soft tissue injuries

By using mouthguards, cuts to the lips, tongue, and cheeks can be prevented. Little scratches to severe cuts and tears can result from these wounds, creating soft tissue injuries in the mouth.

#4. Protect against tooth displacement

By distributing the force of a heavy blow throughout your mouth, a sports mouthguard stops the front or rear of your teeth from being struck directly.

An extruded or partially dislodged tooth may happen after a trauma to the head or face, but these are easier to cure than fractured or missing teeth.

#5. Help prevent neck and jaw injuries

When athletes are hit in the head, unpleasant dental situations such as neck and jaw injuries can also happen.

Your risk of suffering a jaw fracture or other damage increases when your teeth touch one another.

Placing a piece of plastic between your teeth to soften the shock can help you avoid breaking your jaw. This might eliminate the requirement for extensive surgery. The mouthguards might act as a cushion.

Protect your smile against serious injury this footy season by wearing custom mouthguards!

Avoid Serious Injury with Custom Mouthguards at

Custom mouthguards protect your teeth and gums from injury, infection, and pricey treatment.

Keep your smile intact while playing sports. Visit your dental team at Elite Smiles Dental Surgery to experience the benefits of high-quality custom-made mouthguards.

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