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Top 4 Dental Tips During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. There are many things to plan for and a multitude of details to take care of. But in all the excitement of pregnancy and childbirth a woman should be sure take care of their dental health and that of their babies.

Happily, though some treatments and medications are better avoided in the first three months, most routine treatment is perfectly safe during pregnancy.

To ensure safe dental treatment during pregnancy, let your dentist know you are pregnant.

Your Wantirna South Dentist offers 4 important strategies:

    1. Keep your teeth and gums healthy for overall health. Gum disease can lead to health damage and affect your baby. These effects can include a low-weight or premature birth. Healthy gums can reduce transfer of bacteria to your baby, reducing early childhood tooth decay.
    2. Treat vomiting and acid reflux due to morning sickness. Morning sickness with vomiting and/or acid reflux can be a symptom of pregnancy. Vomiting and acid reflux can lead to enamel erosion.

There are simple ways to reduce this risk. Rinse your mouth with a mouth rinse or even water, chew sugar free gum, or smear a dab of toothpaste on your teeth. Finally, wait 30 minutes before brushing if you have vomited.

    1. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead pregnant women to develop gum disease during their term. Because gum disease is dangerous to mother and child, seek treatment of affected gums to avoid it.

Signs of gum disease include bad breath, red gums (instead of pink), tender gums, swollen gums, and bleeding gums.

  1. Quit smoking! It may seem obvious, but you should quit all tobacco products, if you are pregnant or not! Smoking while pregnant is not good for a mother or their unborn child.

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