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Repair and Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment in Wantirna

Gone are the days when a severely damaged tooth has to be removed or extracted. Now, you have the option to have a root canal treatment in Wantirna to save it. The root canal procedure sanitises the root, eliminates the infected tissue, reseals the tooth to prevent additional damage, and fills the affected area with inert material.

Certain instances might make root canal treatment a better option than extraction. Root canal treatment in Wantirna may be recommended by your dentist to save a dead pulp or tooth that has been diseased or damaged. The pulp is in the innermost layer of a tooth and provides proper blood flow to it, but it can be damaged when there is a crack or a deep cavity, resulting in bacteria to enter and infect the pulp, causing it to swell or die. However, if the cavity is huge and it has caused the tooth to weaken and brittle to repair, then removal might be the best option. A crack that has extended way below the gum line can also make you a candidate for extraction.

Losing teeth can result in a number of oral health problems, such as difficulty speaking, chewing, and biting, or misalignment of the remaining teeth and the jaw. Root canal treatment in Wantirna is a solution that can save your teeth so that you don’t have to replace them with dentures or implants. Seasoned dentists use modern equipment and advanced dentistry techniques to make root canal procedures successful and relatively painless, so you don’t have to worry about undergoing the procedure. After a root canal the saved tooth can still last and be healthy for many years—as long as you care for it properly and visit your dentist regularly, of course.

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