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Oral Hygiene Tips for the Holidays from Dr Sheetal Sachdeva

oral hygiene tips for the holidays from your wantirna south dentist All of us here at Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic would like to take this opportunity to wish all our patients a happy holiday and season’s greetings.

Over the holiday season, we see an increased number of people looking for dental help, partly because the holidays aren’t always as good to our smiles as they are to our spirits and tastebuds.

At Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic, we are dedicated to being the dentist Wantirna South that suits your family’s needs and to preserve your beautiful smile and the smile of your family and loved ones.

Holidays sometimes mean eating more, and stickier, harder, and sugary foods.

Because of the threat this can cause your teeth, you should also ramp up your focus on dental health.

Obviously, maintain your good dental habits, such as brushing twice daily and flossing once.

Also, keep to your preventative dental visits to Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic.

This time of year also brings an increase in dental injuries, and we strive to make same-day appointments for our patients who suffer dental trauma.

With that in mind, here are a few dental health tips to maximise your oral health throughout the holidays.

Keep your oral health routine

The holidays can play havoc with schedules, but dental schedules become more important than ever.

You still need to brush at least two times daily and floss at least once.

To make this easier, keep a small toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste somewhere convenient – briefcases or purses are perfect for this.

Having these on hand allows you to slip away after eating to freshen up. Also, rinse well with water, brush after 20 minutes, or chew sugarless gum after eating.

These practices help clean your teeth.

Finally, part of your routine has to include dental appointments. Don’t get on Santa’s naughty list by missing an appointment.

If your regular checkup is scheduled for holidays, treat it like a gift form yourself. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – oral health.

Choose the right drink

Holiday parties come with alcoholic drinks and soda, both of which can be very bad your teeth. Sodas are full of sugar and have high acid levels.

If you’re a fan of carbonated drinks, reach for fizzy mineral water rather than soda. If you do drink soda, a straw can help to keep acid and sugar away from your teeth.

Red wine, particularly, can lead to stains. If you are going to drink wine, drink white wine.

In general, don’t drink too much alcohol as it dehydrates the body and leads to dry mouth.

Dry mouth keeps saliva from protecting your teeth, and this is particularly dangerous before going to sleep.

Choose the right food

Hard, sticky, chewy, acidic, or sugary foods may be extremely tasty, but they are also enemies to your teeth and gums.

That includes the omnipresent candy canes (which are both hard AND sticky!), ice cubes, mint chews, taffies, chestnuts and other usual holiday staples.

We are not asking you to completely say no to these delicious once-a-year treats. Instead, we’re asking you to practice moderation.

And when you’re done eating these delicious treats, be sure to treat your mouth right by brushing, rinsing, or using chewing gum to clean your teeth.

So, give yourself permission to splurge a little and take advantage of some of the deliciousness that won’t come around again for another year.

At the same time, balance those foods and drinks out with crispy fruits and veggies (carrots are a particularly great choice) that actually help clean your teeth.

Eat plenty of whole grains and drink plenty of water, which also helps clean your teeth. Your mouth will thank you, and, down the road, so will your wallet!

Carry a ‘dental-pack’

Most likely, you will find yourself out and about, at a work party, or a celebratory dinner, and this will include some food and drink that isn’t ideal for your teeth

So, what can you do? Pack a little to-go teeth cleaning pack that fits in your purse, pocket, or briefcase. Include a small toothbrush, toothpaste, and some floss. Voila! You can protect your teeth on the road!

The holidays are a time for celebration. Just be sure your oral health, too, is something to celebrate!

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