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OPG Wantirna South

Orthopantomograms, also called OPG, are a 2D dental X-ray examination that captures the entire mouth in just one image, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, surrounding structures, and tissues.

These are especially important when patients will undergo orthodontic treatments.

The OPG unit is specially designed to rotate around the patient's head and scan it. An OPG imaging will take approximately 20 seconds.

Reasons for OPG requests in Wantirna South

Cavities – decay appears as differently shaped areas of radiolucency in the crowns or necks of teeth.

Periodontitis – when inflammation extends into the underlying alveolar bone, and there is a loss of attachment.

Extraction of teeth (e.g. wisdom teeth) – OPG shows angulation, the shape of roots, size and shape of a crown, effect on other teeth.

Teeth Abnormalities – E.g. Developmental, to show size, number, shape, and position.

It can also be used for planning oral surgeries.

Benefits of an OPG

  • Painless, fast and easy

  • No radiation is left in your body when the OPG scan is done


Bring with you your referral letter or request form and all OPG X-rays taken within the last two years. Leave the X-rays with the dental staff as the dentist may need to look at them. The staff will let you know when these are ready to be picked up.

Leave all jewellery and valuables at home. Tell your Wantirna South dentist if you are or may be pregnant.

OPG Imaging

An imaging staff will ask you to sit on a chair or stand for the OPG. It is important to let the staff know if you have a hard time sitting or standing unsupervised.

The radiographer may place a protective cover over the parts of your body not being X-rayed, or you may be asked to wear a protective apron.

When you are ready, the radiographer will start the OPG scan. They will ask you to be still during the OPG.

When your OPG is done, you will be asked to wait while the radiographer checks the pictures. The procedure usually takes approximately 5 minutes, including time taken to get ready.

After the OPG

You will be able to go soon after the OPG is done and can continue with your normal activities.

At Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic, we help you achieve the best oral condition you could ever have.

While we’re at it, we will conduct special examinations to help us decide the dental treatments that would suit you best.

OPG in Wantirna South

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