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Observing World No Tobacco Day with Dr Sheetal Sachdeva’s Dental Clinic

Observing World No Tobacco Day with Dr Sheetal Sachdevas Dental Clinic Each year it is estimated that some 6 million deaths are caused by tobacco consumption across the globe.

And while we often think of cigarettes in this regard, the fact is that ALL tobacco consumption is an immediate threat to overall and dental health.

This includes cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff, and any other tobacco products.

To help people and communities identify and approach this issue from a position of knowledge – the World Health Organization has named May 31st, annual “World No Tobacco Day.”

And because tobacco consumption can be a particular threat to oral health, Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic wants to do our part to share with you how tobacco consumption can impact your oral health.

From merely aesthetic issues to potentially fatal cancers, using any type of tobacco product can lead to severe health issues.

Why is Tobacco so Dangerous?

Because IT KILLS. The government tries to minimise tobacco use by mandating graphic health warnings and plain packaging, increasing taxes, and increasing spending on initiatives to reduce usage, but there is still significant tobacco use in Australia.

This takes place in a context in which smoking is a leading cause of preventable death and disease.

No matter how you consume tobacco, there is no safe level of exposure. Here are potential issues related to tobacco.

Bad Breath, Stained Teeth, and Unsightly Gums

Smoking can decrease the sense of taste and smell. The tar from cigarette smoke can discolour your tongue and teeth, and lead to bad breath.

The only way to eliminate stains is professional whitening. Finally, smoking can cause gums to look thicker and discolour them in several unappealing colours.

Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums and bone surrounding the teeth that can lead to severe problems culminating in lost teeth.

Studies indicate that smokers have substantially more risk of gum disease than non-smokers.

Smoking interferes with your immune system in several ways, and that makes it difficult for your body to fight off health issues like gum infections.

More Complicated or Failed Dental Treatments

Treatment for gum disease may not have the same outcomes for smokers. Smoking makes it harder for your gums to heal.

Smoking can also make restorative procedures more complicated or impossible. Finally, smoking can slow healing from oral injuries.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is the gradual mutation of healthy cells into malignant ones. Smoking plays a substantial role in many cases of oral cancer.

A study from the University of California demonstrated that 8 out of 10 patients with oral cancer were smokers.

Each time you inhale, the carcinogenic chemicals in tobacco smoke pass through your mouth and throat before reaching your lungs.

Given time and repetitive exposure, these carcinogenic chemicals cause changes to the cells in your oral cavity, which can lead to oral cancer.

This is a preventable disease and one that is more treatable the earlier it is detected. Avoid smoking, other high-risk behaviours, and have regular dental check-ups.

What Steps Can You Take?

Stop consuming tobacco products. If you need advice as to treatments, they are available online, or you can talk to us at Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic.

Get regular check-ups at Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic! Regular check-ups are more than plaque control and catching cavities while they are still small.

We can spot signs of many diseases, including oral cancer. If you are on a recommended bi-annual schedule, you likely visit Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic more often than other doctors.

This can lead to early diagnosis and treatment. Early detection improves the chance of successful treatment. The testing takes only a few minutes and can save your life.

This World No Tobacco Day, pledge to give tobacco a final goodbye, to welcome healthier teeth and practice good dental care.

Book an appointment at Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic to achieve a healthy smile with affordable and efficient check-ups and oral examinations that can help catch damage caused by smoking.

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