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How Unhealthy Teeth Can Harm Your Health

how unhealthy teeth can harm your health

Your oral health is the window of your entire health. It is more significant than you may realise.

The state of your teeth and gums might have an impact on your overall health.

Take note of how your oral health may impact your well-being below and what you can do to address it.

Areas of Health Concern

Oral health relies on teeth, tongue, and mouth, but gums, also known as gingiva, significantly impact overall health.

Unhealthy gums can negatively affect overall health in various ways.

Your oral health provides signs about your general health. Moreover, if you have problems in your mouth, it can affect the rest of your body.

Your dental and oral health could be a factor in many illnesses and ailments, including:


The endocardium, which lines the inside of the heart, can also get infected and swollen.

Infected gums can release germs into circulation, which can then move to your heart’s arteries and cause endocarditis.

Cardiovascular disease

Your risk of cardiovascular diseases can increase if you practise poor oral hygiene.

Infection and inflammation in the heart can be brought on by bacteria that enter the circulation through the mouth.

Additionally, research indicates that the risk of stroke is doubled in people with gum disease.


Patients who have diabetes are usually more prone to infections and periodontal disease.

Diabetes issues may result from periodontal disease because controlling blood sugar levels can be more difficult.

A person with poor dental health is more likely to acquire diabetes because gum disease raises blood sugar levels.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease may result from gingivitis bacteria entering your brain through nerve pathways or circulation.

Kidney disease

Blood pressure, the heart, the bones, and the kidneys are all impacted by kidney disease.

Kidney problems can result from periodontal disease. Immune systems often compromised in gum disease patients can leave them more open to infection.

If renal illness is left untreated, it can cause kidney failure in several people with poor dental health.

Respiratory infections

Long-term exposure to bacteria from infected teeth and gums can cause pneumonia and lung infections.

The following medical disorders may also be linked to dental health:

  • Eating disorders
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sjogren’s syndrome

Considering this, it is crucial to inform your dentist of any changes in your general health or the presence of a chronic illness like diabetes.

Maintaining Your Oral Health

You can protect your health and body by practising good oral hygiene daily and visiting your dentist regularly.

Here are common ways to care for your teeth and gums:

  • Brush twice daily, two minutes after breakfast and bedtime.
  • Always floss your teeth. Reach in between teeth, but treat your gums with care.
  • Use alcohol-free mouthwash to remove food and plaque particles, as alcohol-based wash dries gums.
  • Consume nutritious meals, and avoid sugary snacks and beverages.
  • Schedule dental cleanings to remove plaque build-up.
  • Quit smoking to prevent oral cancer and damage.

Healthy habits like eating nutritious food and avoiding tobacco use can keep strong teeth and bright smiles.

As soon as a dental problem arises, see your Wantirna South dentist immediately.

Oral Health in Wantirna South

A healthy oral hygiene routine is crucial for overall health, as every aspect of our body affects other systems.

It improves teeth, mouth, and smile, ultimately promoting general well-being and overall appearance.

We want you to experience the excellent benefits of healthy and beautiful smiles and how they can change your life forever.

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