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Dental Health Week 2022: Love Your Teeth – Elite Smiles

Did you know that August 1–7, 2022, will mark Dental Health Week?

As your dentist in Wantirna South, we’re delighted to find the ideal dental health treatment for you while also assisting you in better understanding the procedure as it moves forwards.

Although it can be tempting to believe that everyone is maintaining decent dental hygiene, the majority of Australians’ oral health is not quite as good as it could be.

#1. Use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice daily

Brush your gums and teeth. One of the simplest pieces of advice for maintaining healthy gums at home is this!

Even though brushing your teeth once a day is necessary, doing it twice a day will help you avoid bacteria.

For instance, if you clean your teeth in the morning and don’t brush them again throughout the day, bacteria will build up and harm the enamel of your teeth, weaken your gums and roots, and cause decay.

If harmful bacteria develop, it can also cause bad breath.

Plaque shouldn’t only be scrubbed off the surface of your teeth when you brush them. Plaque and any other buildup that may be present on your gums should be removed as well.

#2. Every day, use dental floss or interdental brushes to clean in between your teeth

The ideal situation would be to floss before brushing your teeth every night. Doing this may ensure that nothing is still stuck between your teeth after brushing.

Why is flossing important? Plaque is created by food particles remaining in your mouth and the bacterial film that forms on top of them.

Small food fragments and other deposits could become stuck in your teeth if you don’t floss. These microscopic particles are stuck in the gap between teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach.

Tooth decay is caused over time by this trapped food.

Due to the possibility of painful flossing on sensitive gums, several people have stopped using floss. However, this is normal; once you’ve flossed for a few days, the pain or discomfort will disappear.

Add two minutes of dental flossing to your daily oral hygiene practice to help stop this tooth rot from happening.

#3. Limit added sugar intake while maintaining a healthy, balanced diet

Every food and beverage you consume impacts your teeth and gums, especially if you have dental decay.

This diet-related condition is brought on by bacteria that devour the sugars in your food and beverages, which then make the acids that can erode the tooth enamel.

Caramels and lollipops are examples of sticky candy loaded with refined sugar. The harmful germs in your mouth feast on these candies when you eat them. Plaque may develop on your teeth more quickly.

Fruit drinks and sodas are incredibly high in sugar and can discolour your teeth. Even worse, their phosphoric and citric acids can erode dental enamel.

#4. Regularly visit your Wantirna South dentist for check-ups and preventive care

A dental check-up is necessary to maintain your teeth and gums healthy. You should see your dentist at least every six months or as advised by your dentist.

Love Your Teeth!

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires the same attention as preserving the health of other parts of your body.

With these four primary messages from the 2022 Dental Health Week campaign, you can build a morning and night routine to help your mouth stay happy and enjoy your teeth and gums for years.

At Elite Smiles, we listen and respond to your dental problems. Elite Smiles Team is a group of  experienced dentists who knows the dental health field and can deliver effectively and treat your needs.

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