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CBCT Wantirna South

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) technology is quickly becoming the standard of care in dental imaging.

Our office is committed to providing high-quality dental care, and we are proud to offer Cone Beam CT Galileos in our practice.

CBCT imaging allows us a more conservative and comprehensive view of the dentofacial structures, including the soft tissue structures that were previously difficult or impossible to evaluate.

Some common applications of this new technology are listed below:

  • Analyse the airway that may indicate the possibility of sleep apnoea.

  • Able to detect pattern and rate of facial growth, including any subtle asymmetry.

  • Detect abnormalities, e.g. supernumerary teeth, impacted third molars (wisdom teeth), missing teeth, abnormal eruption path and primary failure of eruption.

  • Detect root foreshortening in other spatial planes that were not available conventionally.

  • Able to predict with confidence the limitations of orthodontic and surgical movements.

  • Accurately evaluate the jaw joints (TMJs), e.g., jaw joint spaces, atrophy of condylar surfaces and osteoarthritis.

  • Visualise unparalleled imagery of the entire dentofacial and soft tissue simultaneously.

  • Determine the bone housing levels associated with gum problems (periodontitis).

  • Assess damage to traumatised bone or teeth, e.g., root fracture.

  • Evaluate the extent of periapical lesions associated with a root canal (endodontics).

  • Review the paranasal sinuses clearly, e.g., mucocele.

  • Assess the quality and site of bone structure for future dental implants.

  • Determine the maturation and growth potential of the dentofacial structures.

  • Precisely determine the root positioning to allow accurate orthodontic correction.

  • Accurately measure anatomical structures, e.g., the thickness of upper palatal shelf, determination for skeletal mini pins and optimal sites for mini pin (Temporary Anchorage Device, TAD) placements.

CBCT images, in conjunction with 3D interactive images from the Invisalign® iTero®, complete the entire armamentarium needed to fully, appropriately and confidently diagnose and treat any malocclusion presented by a patient of any age.

CBCT imaging is the new revolution in dentistry, especially for orthodontics, and it has positively affected the treatment outcomes and provided treatment optimisations.

At Elite Smiles, we help you achieve the best oral condition you could ever have.

While we’re at it, we will conduct special examinations to help us decide the dental treatments that would suit you best.

CBCT in Wantirna South

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