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Be #MouthProud: World Oral Health Day 2022 Tips from Dr Sachdeva

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is celebrated worldwide every year on 20 March with the purpose of empowering people with the tools and knowledge to prevent and control oral diseases.

For this year, the theme for the WOHD campaign is “Be Proud of Your Mouth.”

With this empowering call to action, we hope to motivate people to value and take good care of their mouths and understand that by doing so, they can also help protect their overall health and wellbeing.

7 Key Oral Health Messages for World Oral Health Day

Here are 7 key messages about good oral health at every stage of life.

#1. Look After Oral Health for Overall Health

Just like any other major diseases, prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases is important to prevent any negative effects on the rest of your body.

#2. Protect your Mouth while you’re on-the-go

Chewing sugar-free gum is proven beneficial to dental health as it helps neutralise plaque acids.

#3. Learn Good Oral Health Habits for Children

It is important to care for your child’s teeth and mouth because germs can cause toothache, tooth decay and holes in your teeth.

#4. Take Charge of Your Oral Health

Tooth decay is the most common dental health problem in the world, caused by an unhealthy diet high in sugar and exposure to other health risk factors.

#5. Maintain a Balanced, Low-Sugar Diet

Consuming excessive amounts of sugar from drinks, snacks, and processed foods not only causes tooth decay but also contributes to obesity and increases the risk of diabetes.

#6. Practice a Good Hygiene Routine

Oral diseases, such as tooth decay and gum disease, can impact every aspect of life, from relationships and self-confidence through to school, work and the ability to interact with others.

Oral diseases can be preventable, though, so it’s important to practice a good oral hygiene routine every day.

#7. Visit the Wantirna South Dentist Regularly

Oral diseases affect almost 3.5 billion people and are often linked to other serious health issues.

These diseases often lead to pain, discomfort, social isolation, loss of self-confidence, and lost hours at work or school, too.

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Celebrating World Oral Health Day 2022

Get ready to be #MouthProud — take pride in what your mouth can do for you. Value and take good care of it to help you live a longer, healthier life.

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