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Are You Considering Tooth Whitening? Here Are Some Things to Think About

are you considering tooth whitening? here are some things to think about

Most people have thought about brightening their smiles now and then. It may come as a shock to you to learn that not all teeth-whitening products are created equal.

Abrasive peroxides and bleaches are found in some over-the-counter teeth-whitening products, which may do more harm than good. These items might eventually erode the enamel of teeth.

A dental expert should whiten your teeth if you want a more radiant, whiter smile. If you’re considering getting this procedure, the following information is something you should be aware of before setting up your consultation:

Teeth Whitening is not permanent

Dentists claim that the effects of teeth whitening can last for up to three years. The duration, however, may also vary based on a person’s eating patterns.

Your teeth’s whitening may suffer if you frequently consume red wine, chew tobacco, coffee, tea, or other caffeinated beverages.

Your dentist may recommend a bleaching agent for teeth whitening that you can easily use at home for touch-ups. The bleach is applied to the teeth using a mouthguard. In the future, if you require top-ups, properly secure the mouthguard.

Before whitening your teeth, consider teeth cleaning

No matter what kind of teeth whitening procedure you choose, always make sure to have your teeth professionally cleaned before starting the procedure.

The bleaching agent might not hold the teeth properly if tartar or plaque is adhering to them. This would make the teeth-whitening process ineffective.

To prevent any messes that could impede or slow down the teeth whitening process, clean your teeth using dental floss at home and brush frequently.

As you won’t be able to remove tartar or other sediments at home, it is essential to have your teeth professionally cleaned so that any tartar or other sediments are effectively removed.

Additionally, it is advised that you take good care of your teeth, especially in the weeks following your teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening treatment is only for natural teeth

If you have had teeth treatments such as veneers, fillings, crowns, or dentures, keep in mind that you will not be able to obtain teeth whitening treatment on these.

The teeth whitening treatment is only effective on natural teeth. Sometimes, after a teeth whitening treatment, the front teeth fillings (if you have them) can be changed because they are the only ones visible when you smile.

Teeth whitening process is effective by a dentist

Only a dentist can legally perform teeth whitening treatments. A dental therapist or dental hygienist who has received appropriate training and holds a valid Dental Council certificate should perform the treatment only with a dentist’s prescription.

Teeth whitening kits purchased online may be inexpensive. Still, you should avoid using them because they may contain excessive bleaching agents, which can harm your teeth.

Furthermore, the mouth guard that comes with the kit will not fit your mouth, and the bleaching agent will not be appropriately applied, which is illegal.

Teeth whitening may or may not be right for you

Consult your dentist to determine whether teeth whitening treatment is appropriate for you.

Inform them of your medical history and other concerns. Many people have medical or dental conditions that make teeth whitening difficult.

A person with a specific health condition may be ineligible for a particular teeth treatment. Furthermore, teeth whitening treatments using bleaching gels and higher ultraviolet light may harm some people.

People who are extremely sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women shouldn’t often consider teeth-whitening procedures.

Additionally, patients undergoing chemotherapy and those with heart disease, diabetes, or melanoma should avoid such treatments. Patients who are also taking solid medications or who have gum disease should also avoid such treatments.

Prior to deciding on teeth whitening treatment, it is essential to understand the key factors that will define whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

The teeth whitening procedure is safe in a reputable dental office. On fillings, veneers, crowns, and caps, this treatment is ineffective and does not produce great results. Try to reduce your consumption of red wine, alcohol, tea, and coffee after the procedure.

Teeth Whitening at Elite Smiles

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